I am a 30-something Francophile who lives in Texas with my husband and our 2 dogs. I work in corporate finance by day, in a specialty that excites me and for a company and a boss whom I absolutely love. In short - I am blessed.

I used to (well, technically still do) own, and run my own little internet empire there before blogging became what it is today (prior to, I also owned,, and I created Creature & Cave to share things that I am enjoying and find inspiring - whether that be fashion, beauty / self-care, interior design, music or food. I am a total foodie, but I began a new way of eating in October of 2018 - Keto. So expect to see Keto recipes shared here.

I have a weakness for lace and embroidery, as well as smokey fragrances and less conventional lipstick colors. Most notably: my love for all things iridescent is *unparalleled*, and I am addicted to breve cortados.

I grew up spending my summers with my extended family in France, which has greatly shaped my tastes and culture. I'm also the youngest of 3 sisters by a long shot, which greatly influenced my taste in music and media - I am an unapologetic fan on 80's synth-pop (Yaz!), U2, and Quantum Leap.