Review: Chocolate Cauldron Perfume Oil by Black Baccara

Notes: charred marshmallow, toasted almond, melted dark chocolate, fire pit smoke, and aged dark vanilla syrup

For those like me, who are less familiar with perfume oils – it is worthwhile noting that perfume oils are best if allowed to sit for 5-7 days after receipt so that they can stabilize and “rest.” If you don’t do this, then the notes may not come out how intended. 

Case in point, I kept smelling this in the decant vial after it arrived and I kept getting bananas.  

I finally applied this about 10 days after receipt. On first whiff, I admit I was disappointed. It smelled like really artificial chocolate. Not even Hershey’s…more like a milk dud? Milk duds are covered in chocolate right? My initial disappointment turned into indifference as I started to appreciate the accuracy with which I could smell Halloween candy from my childhood. 

But then, as I was mulling over how I was going to offload the still sealed full sized bottle I’d blind bought, something interesting happened. I caught a whiff of smoke (this was maybe 2 minutes after I applied). When I put my nose to my wrist, I smelled a much deeper and truer chocolate. A hint of liquer. And the smoke. 

Suddenly I’m into it. 5 minutes in and I feel like I’m sitting in front of a campfire with some s’mores (OH HOW I MISS S’MORES). I can smell the (slightly salted) chocolate, marshmallows, and smoke but also a bit of wood as well.

The marshmallow comes and goes, but the smokey chocolate is here to stay. Not a ton of projection, given it’s a perfume oil but really enjoyable, and lasts several hours. Definitely something fun for the season. 

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