Bitter Peach by Tom Ford

Bitter Peach 1ml decant

Notes: Peche de Vine, Sicilian Blood Orange Oil, Cardamom, Rum-infused Davana Oil, Cognac, Labdanum Absolute, Jasmine, Patchouli Oil Indonesia, Sandalwood Oil New Calendonia, Vanilla

Bitter Peach is the latest fragrance offering from Tom Ford, which joins previous special AW offerings – Lost Cherry, , F*cking Fabulous, and Ombre Leather ’16. Is it a bit of a strange choice for an Autumn / Winter launch? Yes (and even moreso now that I have actually smelled it). But still, I excitedly purchased a decant when Luckyscent announced the fragrance was in stock. Now, after trying it twice – I’m hear to share my thoughts.

The opening of Bitter Peach is a realistic, albeit amped up sweet peach. There’s definitely a blend of fruits used to give the peach a realism. There’s a hint of orange (a very good one) which plays up the freshness, and apricot which tempers it and adds sweetness. 

Actually it’s quite incredible, because while my nose can isolate these notes individually within the first 30 seconds, together they compose this magnificent peach. To the point that after a couple of minutes, I feel like I’m smelling actual powdery peach flesh (unlike smooth nectarine flesh). This is fun!

Within about 5-10 minutes, there is a soft floral note that starts to surface. It’s not consistently there, but within about 30 minutes becomes more constants. I couldn’t identify it but it is very familiar. 

It could be heliotrope, Jasmine, or labdanum. But honestly, it’s not about what flower it is so much as it smells *alot* like the floral arrangement in Lost Cherry. In fact, very decidedly 1 hour in, it smells exactly like Lost Cherry to my nose except that cherries have been swapped for peaches. And I found that if I dabbed on Bitter Peach, as opposed to sprayed it, this became very obvious much more quickly, and the peach became much more muddled. When I had dabbed it on, the only reason I thought it to be different from Lost Cherry was that I grabbed Lost Cherry off my shelf and immediately could smell the juicy cherries. Otherwise, until I had that reminder, I wasn’t as sure what distinguishes them. 

Beyond that, there’s not much evolution in the fragrance. When I dabbed it on I found it had decent projection even after several hours. Spraying, I didn’t get much projection and approaching 8 hours I couldn’t smell it at all on my wrist. 

Is it full bottle worthy? I love peaches, and I love cherry, and I really enjoy several Tom Ford fragrances, but would I spend $350 on 50ml of Bitter Peach? No. Would I pick this up if it was more in li n with the “standard” private line pricing? Maybe. Eventually. I wouldn’t rush out the door to pick this up. As someone who really loves peaches and generally finds candy peach in fragrance to be cloying, I appreciate the approach to a fresh, ripe peach. But, I also feel it’s redundant to Lost Cherry since they smell SO similar to my nose, and Lost Cherry (in my opinion) is just a better fragrance. 

On a scale out of 5, I’d rate this about a 3 stars. It would have been 3.5 for the quality of the peach, but I just feel this is way overpriced for what it is given the sillage, longevity, and, well, lack of creativity. When Lost Cherry came out, it was $320, so even less expensive than this. I also had a $100 Sephora Rouge reward and felt much better purchasing it for the same price as, say, Tobacco Vanille (one of my favorites). I’ve heard it compared to Mugler’s Angel as well (which I haven’t actually smelled personally) by Looking Feeling Smelling Great reviews

Bitter Peach retails for $350 for 50ml. It is available for purchase from Saks, as well as most other department stores, Sephora, and directly from Tom Ford.

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