I thought that this might be a good way to start things off – my favorite things lately (most of which I will be delving further into with individual posts)!

1) Fragrances – Tom Ford sucked me down a rabbit hole for sure, but wait – there’s more! Armani, Serge Lutens, Nasomatto, Diane Pernet. Fragrances are definitely something I would like to get into more in depth, as my Fragrance “wardrobe” is seeing a very serious overhaul at the moment.

2) Duochrome eyeshadows – Really, I’m a fan of anything that is iridescent or duo chrome. As I’ve started playing more with makeup, I find one look i’m really enjoying that works for almost any occasion / time of day is Buxom’s No Faux with NARS Pasiphae layered on top. No Faux is described as an “iridescent snakeskin,” which I find to be fairly accurate. There is definitely a texture with this shadow, while Pasiphae has more of a shimmer to it. I love the appearance of scarabs, and these 2 shadows really capture that effect!

3) …Which leads me too my other current makeup obsession – Purpley lipsticks. Give me plum, give me Lilac, give me everything in between! I’ve especially been loving Tom Ford’s Velvet Violet, So Vain, Violet Fatale; Bite Barberry, Violet; even Kat Von D’s Ayesha! Above, a preview of a full look I did with the new Tom Ford Illuminating Duo, I’m wearing Tom Ford’s Stavros (an LE Plummy gray, that will be re-released later this fall) with my beloved NARS Pasiphae eyeshadow dabbed on top. I’m ready for Fall :x.

4) Being French – I love my wine! St Supery Sauvignon Blanc was a new discovery this past Spring. While I’m thankful that Fall is starting to roll in (for us, that literally means temperatures have dropped from 105 to the low 90’s), there are certain things from Summer that I’m not ready to let go of. Namely, berries & stone fruit – this wine has some really subtle peach and apricot notes. Its perfect for Spring & Summer and pairs fantastically with nearly everything.

5) Restaurant Weeks – It is almost over, and I’m sad to see it go! It is so much fun to indulge and try fancy restaurants at a fraction of the price. And it’s all for a great cause – part of the proceeds go to our local Food Bank. This year, we tried the menu at Benjy’s (one of our favorite places anyways) for the first time with good friends in addition to our usual favorite, Brennan’s of Houston (yes, the very same as the New Orleans restaurant). I also got to try the “Hot & New” (according to yelp, anyways) B&B Butchers. Overall, the food was good and portions were generous for the HRW menu. However, the service was pretty disappointing (especially for the prices). Still – it’s a beautiful space, and they have a rooftop deck I’m itching to try!

Hello! Welcome to my (and sometimes our) little place on the web. I (Lauren) created this space to talk about things I’m inspired by; items and trends I’m enjoying (mostly beauty, fashion, music, & interior design); recipes; and the DIY (mis)adventures that I may enlist my loving boyfriend, S, to help me complete.

I have quite a few ideas for this blog, and am hoping to have a regular scheduled program nailed down in the next few weeks. So for now, just the essentials:

1) I’m absolutely addicted to Tom Ford beauty products, and you will probably see his name / products pop up on this blog quite a bit :).

2) We are both foodies!

3) As of only a few weeks ago, I am under strict orders from my body to not consume anything containing gluten, which means that most (if not all) of the recipes that will be featured here will be gluten free! While I’m excited for the new challenge, I’m also a bit bummed because A) I had recipes all planned that I wanted to post, and those will have to take some retooling before I can share them. B) Let’s be honest – I really, really love bread. *Insert sad panda here* Gluten and I have since reconciled – so any recipes shared here will be a mix!

4) I’m a Francophile – my mother is French, and father attended school in France. I have lots of family left in France and was very fortunate to spend the majority of my summers there growing up. This has a significant influence over my tastes and culture. Seth is of German descent, and as such, we very much enjoy giving each other a hard time.

5) We are also both Texan, which *also* has an influence on our tastes in culture.

If you’re itching to know more – the About page is where you can find out more about me & S. Otherwise, feel free to Contact Us with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have at any time.