Lauren is a 30 something year old Francophile living in Texas. Lover of all things feminine, she has a penchant for all things lacey and delicate. She loves a great bold lip, and is a (not so secret) hoarder of eye shadow palettes. She currently works in corporate finance by day, and is moonlighting as a lifestyle blogger. She lives with her wonderful & loving husband, S, and their 2 adorable dogs – Gatsby & Violet.

Together, Lauren and S are on a DIY adventure, having just bought their first house and learning the ropes of owning and furnishing an older home. Lauren is generally the “Brains” behind these often lofty and ambitious projects, while S (casually nicknamed a “domestic god” by her sisters) usually plays the role of Executer and “Reality Check Giver” (aka “Party Pooper”).

They are self-proclaimed foodies and love to try new places and recipes – especially if something sweet is on the menu.

They enjoy having game nights with friends, watching Fixer Upper & The Americans, trying new wines (totally judging a bottle by its label), making fools of themselves on empty dance floors, and arguing about who is the worse driver (notice that I did not say better).



What kind of dogs are Gatsby and Violet?
Both are Aussie mixes that we rescued through a wonderful Houston-based organization, K-9 Angels. Gatsby is a 3-legged Aussie/Collie mix and Violet is an Aussie mixed with some type of Spaniel (likely a Brittany Spaniel)

How did you Lauren and S meet?
Honest answer: Tinder! We always said we’d come up with a better story, but never did. We weren’t necessarily an unlikely match, but he had a hard time winning me over (I am stubborn!) until he showed up to my 1920’s themed birthday party in full regalia and was a complete trooper with my friends and family, after I’d rejected him only a couple of days prior. It was later in the evening, as we’d paired up to play pool against some of my friends that I’d realized I was being a complete fool. If only he had known it was all a trap…

How would you describe your decorating style?
I’ve always been into pretty and delicate things. I spent some time working at Anthropologie after graduating college (thanks to the great recession that killed most finance jobs) and the entire aesthetic spoke to me. I was also influenced by mom’s tastes and our trips to France growing up (the majority of my extended family lives there). S’s style definitely leans more mid-centuy modern, sometimes going as far as “1970’s bachelor pad!” We surprisingly agree on most things (though we both have to compromise on my love of knick knacks, which he abhors), and it has been a fun challenge melding our 2 styles together while also incorporating our growing love of all things Rustic and the 1920’s influences that have followed us from our Downtown Loft (originally an early 20th century hotel, and a historic landmark).

Any guilty pleasures?
Lauren: Tom Ford makeup & fragrances; 1980’s synthpop (love Yaz!) and any and all 90’s music from Gin Blossoms to the Spice Girls; Cinnamon coffee; Tintin comics; Funny/cute dog and cat pictures; Convertible weather; Cary Grant movies; Lobster anything!
S: Good Gin; Fast cars (especially Porsches; but ESPECIALLY 1980’s Porsches); Man Candles; Chocolate; Edison bulbs; Tuna melts; Successfully making something work; Controlling things with my Smart Phone

Pet Peeves?
Lauren: Poor spelling/grammar; Designer sunglasses (the $400 ones break just as easily as the $4 ones); Bitters ruining a perfectly good cocktail
S: Things that are affixed crookedly or off center; Olives ; What I call “girlfriend’s ’emo’ music”

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