Review: Rebel Creamery’s 6 Newest Flavors

I started the Keto diet at the beginning of October of 2018, and after the first week of coming off of sugar, haven’t looked back. 

I actually really like the diet, much to my surprise, and find overall it has given me more energy, I have easier periods, and most importantly – I have lost weight and inches. 

That being said, there are some challenges. I can grocery shop easily, but then have to actually meal prep with these items. I can’t easily buy cookies or pizza or other treats I liked to have.

However, one of my first Keto-friendly treats that I discovered at my local grocery store was Rebel Creamery Ice Cream. It has 8 or less grams of net carbs per pint, is sweetened with erythritol, and at the time had 2 of my favorite “normal” ice cream flavors – mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough. I have enjoyed some Rebel Ice Cream most weeks since I first discovered it last fall, and have been really pleased seeing them release new flavors. 

Well, they just dropped 6 new flavors a couple of weeks ago, and I ordered a Maverick case, which included all of these flavors. It finally arrived a couple of days ago, so I’m ready to review the new flavors. 
Just generally speaking, Rebel Creamery Ice Cream is best served (and really, it’s the only way you’re going to be able to scoop it) after it has been defrosting at room temperature for 15 minutes (alternatively, nuked for 15 seconds if you are lazy like me. Be warned that the cherry container kind of burnt at 10 seconds O.O). Or, if you are wanting to try it directly after received – it needs 30 minutes to defrost from dry ice

Below I will be reviewing in order from my least favorite to absolute favorite new flavor. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Salted Caramel

I only really started appreciating salted caramel about 5 years ago, when I moved in with my husband and we’d order salted caramel lattes from some of our favorite local cafes. 

For me, this doesn’t quite hit that mark. It does more vibe chewy caramel or butterscotch candies from my youth, which is great. With Halloween coming up, this flavor taps into those memories and feels like a Fall-appropriate treat. 

Coconut Almond Swirl

Before Keto, I preferred gelato to ice cream (less fat, but more sugar. And honestly, more flavorful). One combination I had discovered I really loved 6 or so summers ago was coconut gelato with mango and passion fruit sorbet. It didn’t feel too sinful and was really refreshing during the hot summer months. I was excited to discover that this Coconut Almond Swirl really satisfies that craving and sensory memory. I’m still missing the mango, but the crunch from the almonds is enjoyable. Visually, you can see a chocolate swirl, but it’s a really subtle flavor (at least so far. I haven’t gone too deep into this pint yet). 

Triple Chocolate

Ok, I’m really happy for this one. I tried the original chocolate flavor once and was disappointed. Not because it is bad ice cream, but I just find it so boring. And if there’s one Keto treat that is easily available – it’s chocolate. So I preferred things like Choczero, or whipping up a chocolate pound cake than the plain chocolate ice cream. 

Well, the flavor in the Triple chocolate is much more intense. Much richer. And my mouth is less bored thanks to the chocolate chips and intense chocolate swirl. 

Black Raspberry

I can talk about this more regarding the next flavor, but one of the things I miss most doing Keto that is hard to replace is fruit. The black raspberry flavor is lovely with a marshmallow visual and flavor to boot. It’s on the sweeter side and honestly reminds me of a French candy I loved eating when I was younger.

Before I knew about this release, I had tried a raspberry Keto ice cream from a different brand and found it to be mostly flavorless. That isn’t an issue that Rebel ice cream has!

Cherry Chip

Of all the fruits I truly miss – at the top of my list are cherries. Cherries are the one fruit I’d snatch up from my local grocery store as soon as they would appear, and I’d happily buy them week after week to have as one of my (many) afternoon snacks.

One of the best things I ever made was a cherry balsamic French toast that I still dream about. Unfortunately, at 19 net carbs per cup, I’d pretty quickly reach my daily carb limit. Enter Cherry Chip ice cream! The Cherry flavor of this is positively delicious, and the small dark chocolate chips are a lovely compliment. If you were a fan of cherry icee’s, this is a much more grown-up and keto friendly version.

Cookies & Cream

Last but not least – my absolute flavor from this new release, and my favorite of all of the Rebel Creamery Ice Cream flavors: Cookies and cream! This flavor features kept friendly Oreo pieces (creme and all!) swirled in a sweet cream base, which is different than the base of their chocolate chip cookie dough. The base here is much more subtle, and works much better with the Oreo. Personally, I LOVE Oreos, and I have yet to find a Keto friendly 0reo, so this makes me so so happy. I don’t feel like I am missing out on ice cream anymore, and I’ll be honest – I’ve already ordered a case of this flavor, because I don’t think I can go without, now that I have tried it.

Here’s hoping that they release just the Oreos so that I can incorporate them in cheesecake, or just eat them straight!

Are you Keto? Have you tried Rebel Creamery Ice Creams? Or any other sweet treats worth mentioning?

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