Anthro Day 2019

Once a quarter (or maybe it just feels that way), Anthropologie runs an “Anthro Day” weekend promotion, where full priced purchases are a % off. This time around, full priced clothing and home items are up to 30% off (though, truthfully – most are 20% off).

I do remember when “Anthro Day” was quite literally a single day in a year (and then twice a year), and it was an enjoyable event I’d plan for – accompanied by friends or my mother. It was the first true “perk” (with exception of their famed birthday discount) that was for their Anthro “members.” The selection was plentiful with a lot of lovelies for one’s closet.

If you are familiar with any Anthropologie Blogs (Effortlessly with Roxy, formerly known as Effortless Anthropologie, is a mainstay), then you know that the general consensus amongst the formerly rabid Anthro-loving community is that Anthropologie has largely lost their way. Eschewing timeless feminine silhouettes with a dose of whimsy that were made of cotton, silk, and wool in favor of trendy pieces (read: fads) made of polyester, viscose, and rayon has alienated most fans.

Still, every once in a while, they get it right with their clothing (and their housewares are still stunning, even if they are different). In short, I still found items to ogle and ultimately purchase. Below are my picks – items I have actually purchased or ordered, or at the very least very seriously considered.

Isabetta Blouse $78.40 during Anthro Day Weekend, $98 regular price

I never noticed this online, but I did pop into my local store on Friday evening and was immediately drawn to this when I saw it – the color and collar are TDF. It was in the last room that I perused, and the first thing I picked up to try on. It gave me an excuse to pick up a pair of jeans that caught my attention as well (more below).

I grabbed a regular size Small (I suppose I could qualify at petite at 5’2″) and I really liked the fit, and as predicted – the color and and neck/collar. While I knew it was cotton when I pulled it, I didn’t realize just how comfortable it would be! The only thing worth mentioning, is that on the inside, it is unlined and while the exterior doesn’t appear to be embroidered, it sort of appears that way on the inside. It just requires a bit of caution when putting it on/taking it off if you are wearing jewelry.

Once it was on, I was totally enamored. As I walked out of the fitting room, I let the attendant know I was purchasing it, and she pointed to the Float next to her, who was wearing the blouse and asked her to turn around. She had unbuttoned the bottom back button which exposed just a hint of her back. As I already stated, this top is *ridiculously* comfortable and breathable. The flexibility of the buttons gives it some extra playfulness as well as comfort during the hot summer months.

Isabetta Blouse paired with Weekender Mid-Rise Bootcut Jeans by Mother ($190.40 during Anthro Day Weekend, $238 regular price)

The jeans that I grabbed were the Weekender Mid-Rise Bootcut Jeans by Mother. The wash had really grabbed my attention – I am often drawn to black jeans, and often fruitlessly on the hunt for the 2 perfect pairs. One pair to replace the pair of Paiges that got a way – a flawless black with almost no visible signs that it is denim. The 2nd with just the right amount of warm distressing. These Weekenders checked the box for the latter!

Weekender Mid-Rise Bootcut Jeans by Mother ($190.40 during Anthro Day Weekend, $238 regular price)

What I had not realized when I first picked these up were that they were a bootcut. I tend to prefer Straight (maybe even Slim-Straight) for my frame, so I was disappointed when I noticed. However, that disappointment washed away when I saw how flattering they were and how well they fit. Above, to my surprise, I am wearing size 29 (I’ve been purchasing a lot more 8’s and even 6’s when the vanity sizing is strong these days, but my brain has trouble realizing I’d be anything smaller than a 10). Jeans are funny – brands all cut differently, and have different fits. I didn’t buy these Friday evening, but instead came home to hem and haw them, and read reviews. Some of the reviews noted they run small, in my experience they seem TTS.

I’m not yet 100% convinced on the bootcut, but I went ahead and ordered them, to consider again in person. I will need to have these hemmed (they do not come in petite), which should thankfully eliminate the fraying, and likely some of the exaggeration from the fit.

Sydney Lace Blouse ($78.40 during Anthro Day Weekend, $98 regular price)

This blouse looks lovely online and is well-reviewed (albeit they state the colors are a bit richer/darker). It is also the typical sort of top I go for, so I am not sure that I will be able to justify keeping it. Still, it has been selling out, and coming back in stock in the smaller sizes for the past few weeks, and I keep watching for it, so it is worth a try!

Kit Puff-Sleeved Pullover ($62.40 during Anthro Day Weekend, $78 regular price)

I have always been a fan of horizontal stripes – I even personally find them slimming (also probably my French side coming through). I think the ring collar adds visual interest, as do the puff sleeves. I love a good puff sleeve! I ordered this in a size small, and think it is going to layer beautifully under vests (or this vest-like dress!), in addition to looking nice on it’s own with jeans.

ML Monique Lhuillier Ruched Leopard Blouse ($236 during Anthro Day Weekend, $295 regular price)

Two things I shy away from – viscose and animal prints. But honestly, this top is visually stunning (darn those puff sleeves, and the very elegant interpretation of leopard). Still, at this price point I couldn’t justify it. I’m using the excuse that it is sold out in my size and low in stock in the next size up (and likely to be cancelled) to calm my nerves over it. If you are less picky about fabric content that I am, this blouse might be worth the splurge for you.

Explorer Utility Buttondown ($120 during Antro Day Weekend, $150 regular price)

One more blouse that I’d be all over if it wasn’t for the fabric content – 100% rayon. Truth be told, I think this top is adorable. A classic silhouette with a fun print (and my husband makes maps for a living, so if this was cotton or silk, we would be having a different conversation). I can’t do it, but I would seriously consider it on a legitimate markdown. Again, if you aren’t picky about fabric content – this top is adorable!

Bonjour Cashmere Sweater ($326.40 during Anthro Day Weekend, $408 regular price)

Très chic, and très français – particularly with the subtle red stripe on the wrist. And, well, the Bonjour. Look. French writing on things can be too precious, but I appreciate when it is done well. The juxtaposition of the letters, and the way they are boldly embroidered give this sweater a modern touch. I’ve also been trying to identify a grey sweater I spotted 5 or 6 years out in the wild that simply said “je parle”, but with no luck. For me, this Bonjour Sweater reminds me of that. And it is cashmere to boot!

Mariah Cashmere Pullover ($199.20 during Anthro Day Weekend, $249 regular price)

One other cashmere sweater I am entertaining is the Mariah Cashmere Pullover from Velvet by Graham & Spencer. I love the stripes and the rich colors (it also strongly vibes a favorite sweater of mine – the Burkhart striped Pullover by Harlyn that I picked up with my birthday discount a few years ago before it promptly sold out), and that it is cashmere (hello warm and soft!).

Burkhart Striped Pullover by Harlyn, from Fall 2017 (this was so popular, a new version, known as the Chestemere, was released in 2018. It was inferior to its predecessor, likely because the edges were beige rather than black)

But, while the gorgeous Alex Noiret (you may know her as quintessential French cool girl and poster girl for Doen) wears the Mariah Sweater beautifully, this sweater is *only* 21 inches long. That’s even short for me. If you like the shorter length – more power to you. To me, this looks like a gorgeous Fall or Winter sunset.

Jackie Plaid Trousers ($183.20 during Anthro Day Weekend, $229 regular priced)

So I had a sneaking suspicion an Anthro Day was upon us, but I didn’t want to risk waiting and instead ordered them from the velvet website directly for 15% off. Honestly, the plaid is beautiful and the pants are comfortable, flattering, and TTS (again with that miraculous size 8 being the best fit). Full disclosure: pants, particularly for the colder months, are one item where I don’t mind less than natural fabrics as much. So these contain polyester and viscose.

Pallu Dinnerwear (Set of 4 dinner plates is $64 during Anthro Day Weekend, $80 regular price. They are also available individually in store)

Let’s move onto home shall we? I’m, unfortunately, not in the market for new dinnerware, but still – the dinner plates from the Pallu set caught my attention in store. I’m a sucker for stars, and this place looks like a starry night sky. In boot, these plates also have a beautiful, subtle metallic sheen. It was hard, but I had to let logic prevail and walk away. Still, they have been added, and then removed, from my cart several times this weekend.

It was hard, but I had to let logic prevail and walk away. Still, they have been added, and then removed, from my cart several times this weekend. Plus, they are hand wash only

Heirloom Pumpkin Cocotte ($11.20 each during Anthro Day Weekend, $14 each regular price)

After putting down the Pallu dinner plate, and slowly walking away, the next thing that caught my eyes were these individual pumpkin cocottes. To tell you how breathtaking these are – they were perched high on a shelf about 7 feet above me.

Like the aforementioned dinner plates, these keep getting added into my cart, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I have visions of Fall/Winter dinner parties with individual pumpkin desserts or a stew dancing through my head. Practical me says I have only ever hosted something like that a small handful of times.

Still, this may be a good prompt!

Abigail Floral Inlay Mirror ($398.40 during Anthro Day Weekend, $498 regular price)

I have honestly no current place or use for this, but I love a good inlay. The mother of pearly and gilt just makes this one extra special.

Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove Jar Candle ($24 during Anthro Day Weekend, $30 regular price)

Last but not least is this Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove Jar Candle. Anthropologie always releases the yummiest (and wintery) candles for the holidays, and this Pumpkin Clove candle is at the first and beautiful hint of what is surely to come!

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