Our Sunday will be spent enjoying coffee and breakfast at our favorite spot, and then cleaning and preparing for a Labor Day brunch. Thiss will be the first time we have this many people in our new house at once, so hopefully the place will clean up nicely.

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!

Favorite places around the web this week…

1) I almost feel like I’m cheating by sharing this, as it isn’t gluten free – but it is too yummy not to share! Ashley, of Not Without Salt, has partnered with Anthropologie to give you Skillet Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies. In addition, you can snag her cookie mix at a discount (and part of the profits go to charity, to boot)!

2) An extremely enabling Sneak Peek of the 2015 Holiday beauty collections

3) If I had some extra (ok a lot of extra) cash laying around, this Chloe Dress would be in my closet!

4) 20 People from Famous Paintings Who Literally. Can’t. Even. Right now

5) 129 of the Most Beautiful Shots in Movie History

6) Sinderella – one of my favorite bloggers! Documenting the misadventures of a 20 something on the hunt for true love in the big city, using what else but the modern day matchmaker: Tinder (I can definitely relate – hang in there Sinderella!)

7) On my to try list: Coffee Tonics! Coffee addict? Check! Fan of Gin & Tonics? Check! Love trying new foodie things? Double check! What could go wrong?

8) Traveling to Paris soon (or are you just lucky enough to live there)? Then I’m jealous of you, because you will get to visit Shakespeare & Company’s new cafe, which is opening this Fall!

Listening to this week…

Tom Ford beauty products are a relatively new addiction (yes – *ADDICTION*) for me – I started trying and purchasing his products in early April of this year, starting innocently enough I suppose. I was on the hunt for 2 great lipsticks: 1) something solid that I could wear every day, whether to my office day job or just on the weekend. 2) A great (blue based) red. With the help of a very friendly (and honest) sales associate, I settled on Pussycat for my everyday color, and Ruby Rush for my Red. She also set me up with some fragrance samples and I have been tumbling down the rabbit hole ever since.

For anyone who is a good little addict like me, and follows beauty news and message boards, the new Illuminating Duo in Moonlight – is a must have! As of this writing, the duo is still Limited Edition, but word is being spread that it will become a permanent fixture in the Tom Ford beauty line. I pre-ordered online through TF direct, but it never shipped out, so I wandered over to my local counter  and they had it in stock. The SA (who was *extremely* friendly, by the way), excitedly put it on me (I was wearing makeup already, which included bronzer but no highlighter) – it is definitely subtle and beautiful. However, as I began to play with it, I realized it is very buildable as well.

Swatches first on my (very white) skin – lighter color (Daylight) on the right, darker (Candlelight) on the left.


Daylight is extremely light and soft, making it difficult to capture on camera (even my DSLR). Candlelight is definitely a nice bronze shade if you have fairer skin, but is a the perfect highlighting shade for anyone who is darker. On me, Daylight gets applied to the very apples of my cheeks, bridge on my nose, and central forehead and chin. Candlelight is applied under my cheekbones and along the edges of my face.

Tom Ford, in my mind, has pretty much mastered the “adult” version of shimmer – and I absolutely LOVE shimmer! It’s visible in his lipstick and eyeshadows (<3 his Celestials), and it is most definitely visible in Moodlight. Previously, my go-to highligher was always Benefit’s Watt’s Up. As I have drier skin, the creamy formula was always preferred, and I enjoyed the blending/buffing tool attached to it. It is still a great option for me, and I still wear it, but I’ve been finding myself reaching for Moodlight most days the past couple of weeks! So much so that I opted to purchase a back up, just in case it didn’t make it to Permanent status.

Below, I’m wearing it with my “full” makeup.


Makeup Details:

Lancome Teint Visionnaire Foundation (plus concealer) / Stila Custom Color Blush in Self Adjusting Bronze / Tom Ford Illuminating Duo in Moodlight

Georgio Armani Eye Tint in Rose Ashes / Urban Decay Blitz (super gold from UD Vice Ltd palette) / MUFE ME-302 for liner (green from artist’s palette)


Tom Ford Stavros (not available online, but will be re-released in November/December) / NARS Pasiphae layered on top / UD Blitz on top of that (just a smidgen)

I thought that this might be a good way to start things off – my favorite things lately (most of which I will be delving further into with individual posts)!

1) Fragrances – Tom Ford sucked me down a rabbit hole for sure, but wait – there’s more! Armani, Serge Lutens, Nasomatto, Diane Pernet. Fragrances are definitely something I would like to get into more in depth, as my Fragrance “wardrobe” is seeing a very serious overhaul at the moment.

2) Duochrome eyeshadows – Really, I’m a fan of anything that is iridescent or duo chrome. As I’ve started playing more with makeup, I find one look i’m really enjoying that works for almost any occasion / time of day is Buxom’s No Faux with NARS Pasiphae layered on top. No Faux is described as an “iridescent snakeskin,” which I find to be fairly accurate. There is definitely a texture with this shadow, while Pasiphae has more of a shimmer to it. I love the appearance of scarabs, and these 2 shadows really capture that effect!

3) …Which leads me too my other current makeup obsession – Purpley lipsticks. Give me plum, give me Lilac, give me everything in between! I’ve especially been loving Tom Ford’s Velvet Violet, So Vain, Violet Fatale; Bite Barberry, Violet; even Kat Von D’s Ayesha! Above, a preview of a full look I did with the new Tom Ford Illuminating Duo, I’m wearing Tom Ford’s Stavros (an LE Plummy gray, that will be re-released later this fall) with my beloved NARS Pasiphae eyeshadow dabbed on top. I’m ready for Fall :x.

4) Being French – I love my wine! St Supery Sauvignon Blanc was a new discovery this past Spring. While I’m thankful that Fall is starting to roll in (for us, that literally means temperatures have dropped from 105 to the low 90’s), there are certain things from Summer that I’m not ready to let go of. Namely, berries & stone fruit – this wine has some really subtle peach and apricot notes. Its perfect for Spring & Summer and pairs fantastically with nearly everything.

5) Restaurant Weeks – It is almost over, and I’m sad to see it go! It is so much fun to indulge and try fancy restaurants at a fraction of the price. And it’s all for a great cause – part of the proceeds go to our local Food Bank. This year, we tried the menu at Benjy’s (one of our favorite places anyways) for the first time with good friends in addition to our usual favorite, Brennan’s of Houston (yes, the very same as the New Orleans restaurant). I also got to try the “Hot & New” (according to yelp, anyways) B&B Butchers. Overall, the food was good and portions were generous for the HRW menu. However, the service was pretty disappointing (especially for the prices). Still – it’s a beautiful space, and they have a rooftop deck I’m itching to try!