Hello! Welcome to my (and sometimes our) little place on the web. I (Lauren) created this space to talk about things I’m inspired by; items and trends I’m enjoying (mostly beauty, fashion, music, & interior design); recipes; and the DIY (mis)adventures that I may enlist my loving boyfriend, S, to help me complete.

I have quite a few ideas for this blog, and am hoping to have a regular scheduled program nailed down in the next few weeks. So for now, just the essentials:

1) I’m absolutely addicted to Tom Ford beauty products, and you will probably see his name / products pop up on this blog quite a bit :).

2) We are both foodies!

3) As of only a few weeks ago, I am under strict orders from my body to not consume anything containing gluten, which means that most (if not all) of the recipes that will be featured here will be gluten free! While I’m excited for the new challenge, I’m also a bit bummed because A) I had recipes all planned that I wanted to post, and those will have to take some retooling before I can share them. B) Let’s be honest – I really, really love bread. *Insert sad panda here* Gluten and I have since reconciled – so any recipes shared here will be a mix!

4) I’m a Francophile – my mother is French, and father attended school in France. I have lots of family left in France and was very fortunate to spend the majority of my summers there growing up. This has a significant influence over my tastes and culture. Seth is of German descent, and as such, we very much enjoy giving each other a hard time.

5) We are also both Texan, which *also* has an influence on our tastes in culture.

If you’re itching to know more – the About page is where you can find out more about me & S. Otherwise, feel free to Contact Us with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have at any time.

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